Experience the beauty of this historic “city of gold”, founded in 1243. Pay a visit to the Stone Bridge which, dating back to the 13th century, is the oldest preserved structure of its kind in the country, or take a look inside the best-preserved town castle in the Czech Republic. The Prácheň Museum, the Malt House and the municipal electric power plant are a few of the many “must-sees” the town of Písek has to offer.
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Jarník (4 km from the hotel)

The Jarník observation tower stands at the peak of Jarník hill (606 m.a.s.l). Though the tower measures a full 59.4 meters, visitors can only climb as high as the observation deck at a height of 34.6 meters. The tower is accessible year round at no charge.
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Zvíkov (25 km from the hotel)

Zvíkov castle is an early gothic fortress that stands overlooking the confluence of the Otava and Vltava rivers; it has been dubbed “the King of Czech castles”.
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Sudoměř (14 km from the hotel)

In 1420, the famous battle of Sudoměř took place in a field lying near the village of Sudoměř. A 16 meter tall monument to Jan Žižka von Trocnov commemorating the battle towers above the battlefield.
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Hluboká nad Vltavou (43 km from the hotel)

This Tudor neo-Gothic chateau, dating from the 13th century, is among the most sought after tourist attractions in the Czech Republic. The old riding hall is home to the Aleš South Bohemian Gallery which curates a collection of sculptures and paintings by Dutch and Flemish painters of the 17th and 18th centuries. The extensive English garden is embellished by sculptures.
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Hluboká nad Vltavou

Stádlec bridge (30 km from the hotel)

The only preserved Empire style chain bridge in Czech Republic originally stood in Podolsko. It was taken down after construction on the Orlik Reservoir was completed for fear that it would be flooded and was subsequently rebuilt 15 years later at its current location: over the Lužnice.
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Stádlecký most

The Crocodile zoo (13 km from the hotel)

The only crocodile zoo in Czech Republic showcases 22 different species of the great reptile as well as other creatures such as turtles and snakes. A zoological museum featuring 1200 exhibits can also be found on the premises.
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Krokodýlí zoo

Albrechtice – The Church of Saints Peter and Paul (14 km from the hotel)

Římskokatolický farní kostel This Roman Catholic church was founded in 1179 by the Czech King, Vladislav II. Especially valuable are the frescos portraying the Final Judgment and motifs of paradise and hell on the triumphal arch. The church is surrounded by a cemetery the walls of which are decorated with chapels bearing paintings from the 19th century. During the 1980s, these were taken down and re-hung on brackets. The location is listed as a cultural landmark of Písek.
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Holašovice (50 km from the hotel)

A visit to this South Bohemian village not far from České Budějovice is like gazing through a window in time. Well-preserved, centuries old homesteads built in the “Folk Baroque” style comprise the village square. Since 1995 it has been a village conservation area and in 1998, the rectangular village square became a UNESCO national heritage site.
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Strakonické muzeum and the Hoslovický Water Mill (22 km from the hotel)

Museum exhibits are located in the palace at Strakonice Castle. Exceptional exhibits include Bagpipes and Bagpiping in Czech Republic, motorcycles and other exponents of legendary Czech manufacturer, ČZ, and last, but not least, the Knights of Malta in Strakonice. Other attractions include the castle observation tower, Rumpál, and the newly refurbished “Black Kitchen”.
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Písek and the surrounding countryside are full of bike paths. If you want to know where to hit the trail in and around Písek and the “Písek Mountains”, or if you are looking for a great place to take a dip, just ask at the reception; we will be glad to point you in the right direction.

For inspiration

Take a bike trip over hill and dale and through the forests of the Písek Mountains (route length: 31.5 km)

Písek – U Sulana – U Caisů – Vojníkov – Záhoří – Kašina Hora – Jamný – Pazderny – Dobešice – Kluky – Chrastiny – Křižatky – Flekačky – Písek

Cycle through the land of ponds to find the perfect place for a summer swim (route length: 38.7 km)

Písek – Zátavský most – Zátaví – Kestřany – Nové Kestřany – Štěkeň – Čejetice – Sudoměř – Žižkův pomník – rybník Řežabinec – Putim – Písek

Take Sedláček’s trail all the way to Zvíkov Castle (route length: 50.5 km)

Písek – U Sulana – plynová lávka – Borečnice – Vráž – Jistec – Varvažov – Zbonín – Zvíkovské podhradí (hrad Zvíkov) – Svatá Anna – Oslov – Tukleky – Spolí – Louka – Držov – U Caisů – Písek


Sport a wellness

The Tennis Courts (300 m from the hotel)

This sports center offers clay and artificial sports surfaces, a training wall and a futnet
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Harmony Wellness Club (800 m od hotelu)

Ask about borrowing the club card and receive a discount on the entrance
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Climbing Wall (2 km from the hotel)

One of the biggest climbing centers in Czech Republic!
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Swimming u sv. Václava (4 km from the hotel)

Take a dip right in the Otava River, or let the little ones play in the kiddie pool
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Laser Aréna (1 km from the hotel)

Enjoy an adrenaline rush and a game of laser tag
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Sport Center (2 km from the hotel)

Play a game of tennis or squash, go bowling and much more at this sports center
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For the whole family

Sladovna gallery

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Zoo in Hluboká nad Vltavou

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Zoo Hluboká

The Museum of Chocolate and Marzipan in Tábor

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Pohádková Kovárna (The Fairytale Smithy) in Selibov

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Fort Hary, Jarotice

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Zeměráj, Kovářov

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The Crocodile Zoo in Protivín

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More information can be found on the official tourist portal of the town of Písek and in the Infocentre

We cordially invite you to Písek!

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